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(Border city with Nogales, AZ.)
Nogales is one of the most important and accessible border cities in Mexico, each day, hundreds of tourists cross the border from Nogales AZ to shop, eat traditional food, and to have a small taste of Mexican culture. Due to this accessibility, Nogales has become a favorite destination to find all kinds of medical attention at exceptional prices, and with our help, you can find exactly the services that you deserve.
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One of the great things about Nogales it that it offers many options to move around the city, you can easily cross the border in your car and use it to drive around to your destination, or you can decide to park in the US side of the border and then walk over the international bridge to take a stroll across town before heading to your appointment.

Just two blocks away from the international bridge is Morelos Passage one of the must-see stops in Nogales; a pedestrian-friendly alleyway full of small businesses, street vendors with a wide variety of ceramic, leather, and metal handicraft along with traditional and delicious Mexican dishes.
The month of May brings with it La Feria de las Flores, during which the plazas fill up with music, parades, artisans, sporting competitions, fair trade games, and all of the Antojitos Mexicanos you could ask for.

The warm evenings of Nogales are perfect to take a stroll around town, this way you’ll get to see the Mexican Culture coming alive before your eyes, like the first Catholic church built in the city, La Parroquia de la Purisima Concepcion, or in Nogales Museum of Art, which houses a great variety of temporary exhibits, but the museum itself is a work of art, showcasing its impressive and modern architecture.

Nogales is a fun and vibrant place that has something to offer to everyone, here you can make a business, shop, get amazing deals in handicraft, and now, find a selection of the best clinics in the region. Nogales is waiting for you.

You can pay with US dollars, Credit/Debit cards on most restaurants and establishments. If you pay with cash the exchange rate will be lower, it’s better to visit a foreign exchange agency, a bank or an ATM to turn your currency into Mexican pesos.
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Nogales general information

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*Main tourist attractions points and our suggested places.

Information about Embassies, Consulates or Consular Agencies for U.S. and Canadian citizens.
In case of emergency or general assistance to citizens traveling in Mexico please contact the nearest embassy, consulate or consular agency.
U.S. Consulate in Los Nogales
Las Tiendas de Palmilla L-B221, Km. 27.5 Carretera Transpeninsular San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur C.P. 23406
Assistance to U.S. citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 664-748-0129
From the United States:
Tel: 1-844-528-6611
Consular Agency of Canada in Tijuana
Germán Gedovius 10411-101 Condominio del Parque Zona Río 22320 Tijuana, Baja California Norte
Assistance to Canadian citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 664-684-0461
From Canada:
Tel: 011-52-664-684-0461
Safety tips
Your stay in Nogales will be a safe experience; here you can park your car in one of the secure parking lots, which have prices ranging from $4 - $8 USD per day. Hundreds of tourists travel to the city every day, so fell safe to walk around and enjoy your visit, just remember to take the same precautions that you would in a new city.
Crossing the border
Approximate time to cross the border at peak hours (4pm-6pm)
Mariposa Port of Entry
Vehicle: 30 min.
Pedestrian: 2 min.
US Fee: -
Centro Port of Entry
Vehicle: 25 min.
Pedestrian: 15 min.
US Fee: -
Arriving by land
After you cross the border, you will find a great cellphone reception to help you move around. If you wish to drive your car, remember that you will need to check with your insurance provider to see if they cover you in Mexico, you will also need to carry a valid driver’s license with you.

You can park in one of the many parking lots available on the US side of the border for the price of $8 or $10 dollars per day, but there are some shuttle buses that can take you across the border for a small fee.
Distance to Nogales, Son. (Approx.)
Tucson - 61 miles
Chandler - 146 miles
Mesa - 156 miles
Phoenix - 160 miles
Glendale - 169 miles
How to move around the city
Nogales is a really easy city to drive in, but you can also request a taxi, an Uber, or use private transportation if you wish to.

You will need to acquire a temporary import permit if you wish to drive more than 20 or 30 kilometers south from the border, to get it you have to visit the customs office and pay a fee and a deposit.
Arriving by air
You have the choice of two airports, the one in Nogales, Son. or in Tucson, AZ.
The airport in Nogales, Son. offers shuttles and taxi services, but you can request an Uber, the driver might ask you to move one block away from the entrances but don’t worry, this is normal practice.
Common flights to Tucson, AZ. (Approx.)
Atlanta 3:25 Hrs.
Austin 2:05 Hrs.
Dallas 2:15 Hrs.
Denver 1:30 Hrs.
Houston 2:11 Hrs.
San Francisco 1:38 Hrs.
Seattle 2:32 Hrs.
Where to stay?
Whether you’re spending the night in Nogales Son, or in Tucson AZ, you can find a wide selection of hotels and motels with prices between $30 and $80 USD per night,
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Additional information
Nogales, Son. attractions
Nogales Mall
Morelos Passage
Nogales, AZ. attractions
Primeria Alta Museum
Patagonia Lake State Park
Arizona Rangers Museum
Places you can drive from Nogales (Approx.)
Magdalena - 55 Miles
Santa Ana - 66 Miles
Sonoyta - 224 Miles
Puerto Peñasco - 279 Miles
To visit these places, you can book a tour or rent a car. Remember to check with your American car insurance or your rental car company if you are covered.
General information
If you are looking for more information about destinations, events, concerts or the many activities in the city
Group of people kayaking while watching seabirds
Main entrance of the Art Museum of Nogales
Main entrance of the palace bingo and casino
Events for medical tourism in Nogales
Day of the Dead
Date: November 2
Venue: Varies per event
Events for medical tourism in Nogales
Grito de Independencia
Date: September 15
Venue: Museo de Arte de Nogales
For more information about the events, please check their official website or social media.
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