Mexicali medical tourism guide and specialists

(Border city with Calexico, Cal.)
Mexicali has grown a lot in recent years, transforming itself into one of the most modern, vibrant and culturally diverse destinations in Baja California; this expansion has also benefited the many talented and experienced medical professionals in the city, who can now offer all of their expertise to every patient at unmatched prices.
Local weather: 42.94 °C
Mexicali and Calexico have a very special relationship; their populations share a common history and many traditions, forming one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Mexico; this close bond has the benefit of giving you unparalleled access to our clinics and their services, in just a single day you can cross the border, go to your doctor, spend the rest of the day enjoying the city, and then return to Calexico in the evening.

The arts are very important to the people of Mexicali, there are many spaces where the most talented and recognized photographers, painters, and sculptors can showcase their work, like the State’s Center of the Arts or Casa de la Cultura, while others, like the Art Passage, offer a safe space for local artists to paint gorgeous and elaborate murals.

Mexicali has an interesting piece of history, it houses one of the only Chinese neighborhoods in Mexico, La Chinesca, it was formed 100 years ago when a large group of Chinese immigrants arrived at the city; nowadays, their traditions have mixed with Mexican Culture, giving you an experience like no other; through the entire town, you will find many symbols of Chinese culture, along with many Chinese food restaurants where you can enjoy delicious and traditional dishes with a Mexican twist.

Nature is one of Mexicali’s biggest strengths, around 60 miles east from the city you will find the Guadalupe Canyon, an expansive and breathtaking oasis, full of climbing, hiking and biking spots, and you can even go swimming in a hot spring, or visit an archeological site and admire ancient cave paintings.

With many great activities for all tastes, a vibrant nightlife, amazing and varied food, and some of the best healthcare professionals in the country, Mexicali has transformed into your best choices for medical tourism. Travel today, and discover the wonders of the city that captured the sun.
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Top medical specialists in Mexicali
Bariatric surgery
Fertility clinic
General surgery
Plastic surgery

Mexicali general information

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*Main tourist attractions points and our suggested places.

Information about Embassies, Consulates or Consular Agencies for U.S. and Canadian citizens.
In case of emergency or general assistance to citizens traveling in Mexico please contact the nearest embassy, consulate or consular agency.
U.S. Consulate in Tijuana
Paseo de las Culturas s/n Mesa de Otay Delegación Centenario C.P. 22425 Tijuana, Baja California
Assistance to U.S. citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 664-748-0129
From the United States:
Tel: 1-844-528-6611
Consular Agency of Canada in Tijuana
Germán Gedovius 10411-101 Condominio del Parque Zona Río 22320 Tijuana, Baja California Norte
Assistance to Canadian citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 664-684-0461
From Canada:
Tel: 011-52-664-684-0461
Safety tips
If you decide to cross the border by foot, you can expect to move around the city safely, but you might see some people trying to get you to visit a lower-quality clinic, we recommend you to stay on course and visit one of our doctors.
Crossing the border
Approximate time to cross the border at peak hours (4pm-6pm)
San Ysidro
Vehicle: 1:10 hrs.
Pedestrian: 1 min.
US Fee: -
Otay Mesa
Vehicle: 40 min.
Pedestrian: 1 min.
US Fee: -
Arriving by land
You can easily cross the border into Mexicali from Calexico, on the US side of the border you will find many secure parking lots where you can safely park your car before heading into Mexicali; prices tend to be around $5 - $10 USD per night.
If you decide to drive in Mexicali, you will need to carry a valid drivers license, and we recommend you to check with your insurance or your car rental company to learn if they will cover you in Mexico.
Distance to Mexicali, B.C (Approx.)
Las Vegas - 366 Miles
Los Angeles - 228 miles
Palm Springs - 128 miles
Phoenix - 261 miles
San Diego - 130 miles
Tucson - 346 miles
Yuma - 60 miles
How to move around the city
Mexicali is a very easy city to drive or walk around; just remember that if you wish to drive more than 20 or 30 kilometers south of the border you will need to get a temporary import permit.
Arriving by air
You have a lot of options if you decide to fly to Mexicali
The closest option is Yuma’s airport (YUM); from there you can go to a car rental company and drive to Mexicali.

Other airports near Mexicali are San Diego (SAN), Phoenix sky harbor (PHX), and Palm Springs (PSP).
Common flights to Yuma, AZ. (Approx.)
Dallas - 2:45 Hrs.
Phoenix - 50 min.
Where to stay?
You can find a hotel or a motel that fits within your budget in Mexicali or in Calexico, search through a wide selection of hotels with prices of $30 - $80 USD per night.
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Additional information
Mexicali attractions
Museo Sol del Niño
Bosque y Zoologico de Mexicali
Calexico attractions
Gran Plaza Outlets
Places you can drive from Mexicali (Approx.)
Tecate - 84 miles
Puerto Peñasco - 300 miles
Bahia de los Angeles - 526 miles
Tijuana - 186 miles
Ensenada - 239 miles
San Felipe - 197 Miles
To visit these places, you can book a tour or rent a car. Remember to check with your American car insurance or your rental car company if you are covered.
General information
If you are looking for more information about destinations, events, concerts or the many activities in the city
Front view of the UABC museum
Front view of the museo sol del Niño
Mural representing Mexican culture with a man and a woman
Events for medical tourism in Mexicali
Expo AgroBaja
Date: March
Venue: AgroBaja Field
Events for medical tourism in Mexicali
Fiestas del Sol
Date: Between September and October
Venue: FEX Mexicali
Events for medical tourism in Mexicali
Feria del Dátil
Date: November
Venue: Parque del Ejido Jalapa
For more information about the events, please check their official website or social media.
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