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Nuevo Laredo guide and medical specialties

(Border city with Laredo, Tx.)
Due to its strategic location with the US, Nuevo Laredo has transformed into one of Mexico’s leading trading cities, mixing modernity and cultural heritage into a single package, letting you take in the wonders of a colonial city while also having all of the modern commodities you could expect.
Local weather: 30.67 °C
Nuevo Laredo and its sister city of Laredo, Texas, share their borders, and together have turned into one of the most important economic and cultural urban centers in the Mexico-U.S. border, the cities have 3 bridges that connect them making it very easy to move between them. You can cross the border in your car or walk across the bridge, head to your appointment, and once you exit the clinic you can explore the city, maybe head to El Centro Historico, or the regional Zoo, and then head back into the U.S. at dusk.

One of the great things about Nuevo Laredo is how it represents many parts of Mexico’s culture, take the Cultural Center as an example, inside you can find all sorts of exhibits, dance presentations, and even concerts, but it also houses the Museum of Natural History and the Uxmal Archeological Park, which showcases replicas of the most famous sculptures created by Mexico’s original civilizations.

The colorful streets of Nuevo Laredo will surprise you with its classic architecture and plenty of markets to visit and admire; like El Mercado Maclovio where you can find everything from traditional clothing to handicrafts and jewelry; In addition to being one of the best places to sit down and enjoy the local cuisine, like a couple of delicious barbacoa tacos or mouth-watering enchiladas.

In most restaurants and establishments, you can pay with US dollars or Credit/Debit cards. Take into account that if you pay with cash the exchange rate will be lower, we recommend that you visit a foreign exchange agency, a bank or an ATM to turn your currency into Mexican pesos.

Nuevo Laredo is a city like no other, allowing you to experience a large part of Mexico’s culture while staying extremely close to the borderland giving you at the same unparalleled access to the best doctors in the region. Visit and start your Medical Tourism adventure today!
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*Main tourist attractions points and our suggested places.

Safety tips
We recommend taking the same common-sense precautions that you would use when visiting a foreign city, such as avoiding walking alone or traveling after dark on remote roads or isolated highways.
Crossing the border
Approximate time to cross the border at peak hours (4pm-6pm)

Gateway to the Americas International Bridge

Vehicle: 1:10 hrs.
Pedestrian: 10 min.
US Fee: $3.50

Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge

Vehicle: 1:00 hr.
Pedestrian: -
US Fee: $3.00

Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge

Vehicle: 30 min.
Pedestrian: 5 min.
US Fee: $3.50
Arriving by land
You can drive your own car, or rent one, to move around Nuevo Laredo, cellphone reception is great and will help you navigate the streets. Before arriving, consult with your car insurance if they cover you in Mexico.
Distance to Nuevo Laredo, Tamp. (Approx.)
Corpus Christi - 131 miles
San Antonio - 147.8 miles
Austin - 200.3 miles
South Padre Island - 173.2 miles
Houston - 297 miles
How to move around the city
It’s very easy to drive in the city by car, but if you prefer you can walk in the city or request a taxi.
We suggest you check the following link if you are thinking about traveling outside the city limits, around 20-30 kilometers from the entry points:
Arriving by air
You can fly to Laredo TX. or directly arrive at Nuevo Laredo Tamp.

If you arrive to Laredo International Airport, you can rent a vehicle in one of the car rental companies near theairport to drive to Nuevo Laredo, we suggest checking with the car rental company if they will cover you in the Mexican side.
You can also book a flight to Nuevo Laredo, the airport offers easy transportation into town via taxis or shuttle services, the prices for a Taxi or Uber from the airport to most locations within the city range between $10 to $30 US dollars.
Common flights to Laredo, TX. (Approx.)
Houston 1:10 Hr.
Dallas 1:25 Hr.
Where to stay?
You can find a wide selection of hotels and motels with a price range of $30 - $80 USD per night, whether you’re staying in Nuevo Laredo, Tamp. Or Laredo, TX.
General information
Nuevo Laredo attractions
Mercado Maclovio Herrera
Avenida Guerrero
The Reyes Meza Museum
Laredo attractions
Republic of the Rio Grande Museum
Lake Casa Blanca
Places you can drive from Nuevo Laredo, Tamp. (Approx.)
Ciudad Mier - 94 miles
Presa "Las Blancas" - 99 miles
Piedras Negras - 104.5 miles
Reynosa - 122.6 miles
Matamoros - 166 miles
Monterrey - 136 miles
Tampico - 373 miles

You can book a tour or rent a car to visit these places near Nuevo Laredo.
Remember to check with your American car insurance or your rental car company if you are covered, we suggest you check the following link:
General information
You can visit these websites to find events, concerts and more things to do during your visit.

Nuevo Laredo

Clock of the main plaza hidalgo
Front view of the Centro Cultural Nuevo Laredo
Main entrance of the Nuevo Laredo Zoo