Activities to do during your medical trip to Estado de Mexico

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Estado de Mexico is often mixed with Mexico’s City when talking about destinations, but the Estado has many atractions of its own to offer. If you’re traveling there for a medical trip, we have three places to visit during your stay. First, the Piedra Herrada Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary: Millions of butterflies migrate from the US and Canada each year and find a home in this natural reserve. Tour guides there are helpful to know about the monarch butterfly and its importance to Mexico. Not only is the experience enriching, but also relaxing for people who want to control their stress about surgery.
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Velo de Novia Falls: These waterfalls located near Valle de Bravo, are full of nature and wildlife around. One of the main attractions of this place is the scenic view some of the lookouts there have. The soothing sound of water falling onto a lake can be beneficial for patients to control their emotional and mental well-being pre or post-surgery.
Cosmovitral Botanical Garden: A remarkable art piece that shows nature and art can coexist in the same place without walls separating them. What used to be a market is now a botanical garden adorned by the biggest non-religious stained glass in the world. The scenery offered by both the garden and art piece is perfect for anyone looking to enrich their experience in Estado de Mexico. Schedule an appointment with a specialist today and visit this wonderful place!
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