Amazing places to visit during your medical trip to Mexico City

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Mexico City is the center of the region and one of the largest urban areas in the world. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in this city. Chapultepec’s Forest: This big park is a beautiful place to take a walk, make a date with your friends, and go with your dog to get some exercise. Find here some suggestions for a Dog collar and leash. Take a tour to the “Museo Nacional de Antropología” and find a collection of prehispanic pieces, including the Aztec calendar and the Sun’s stone. Also, here you can visit the “Modern Art Museum” or “Tamayo’s Museum”, a recommendation about these places is to take your tour on a bicycle, it’s a long way to go.
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Teotihuacan: One of the largest cities in Mesoamerica during the pre-Hispanic era, today is known as one of the most important archeological centers and ancient urbanism, making it an object of interest to Mexican investigators and the world. Don’t stop surprising yourself, visit “La Gruta”, a restaurant that offers you the possibility of tasting delicious food inside a cave. If you plan to take this tour, remember to make a reservation and fall in love with some of the great past.
Xochimilco: Considerated pratimony of humanity. It’s an ancient waterway where you can take a tour in a trajinera. If you are thinking of taking a ride, don’t forget to see the Island of Dolls and ask the guide about the history and legend of this place.
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