The Importance of Avoiding Smoking Before Surgery

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Surgery is a medical procedure that carries certain risks and requires optimal health conditions from the patient. One of the most influential factors in the success of an operation is the state of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the individual. In this context, the habit of smoking becomes a critical factor to consider. Smoking before surgery can have serious detrimental effects on the healing process, postoperative recovery, and the risk of complications.
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Surgeons and healthcare professionals strongly recommend patients quit smoking at least several weeks before surgery. By doing so, it allows the cardiovascular system to recover and optimizes lung function, which in turn reduces the risk of complications and enhances recovery.
Abstaining from smoking before surgery is a crucial decision that can make the difference between a successful recovery and unnecessary complications. The negative effects of smoking on wound healing, tissue oxygenation, and infection risk are compelling reasons to quit smoking in the period leading up to surgery. Patients who choose to refrain from smoking not only improve their chances of a successful recovery but are also taking a significant step toward improving their overall long-term health.
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