Surprising Discovery in Australian Woman's Brain

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In an extraordinary medical discovery, a live worm has been found in the brain of an Australian woman. This unique case has perplexed health professionals, as it is the first time such a parasitic infection, common in pythons, has been documented in a human being. The story begins in 2021, when a woman presented to hospital in Canberra, Australia, with a series of alarming symptoms, including depression, memory loss, coughing, vomiting, night terrors and stomach pain.
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The surprise came when doctors decided to perform surgery and removed a live 8-centimeter worm from his brain, an unprecedented event in medical history.
An Unprecedented Medical Discovery
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The surgery was performed after the patient was diagnosed with "an atypical lesion in the right frontal lobe of the brain." Dr. Sanjaya Senanayake, an infectious disease specialist at the medical center, described the moment of removal as shocking: "Everyone in that operating room had the shock of their lives when the surgeon took forceps to remove an anomaly and the anomaly turned out to be a live, light red, 8-cm, wriggling worm. Even if you remove the yuck factor, this is a new infection never before documented in a human being."
An Unusual Infection Originating in Nature
The explanation behind this strange infection lies in the patient's contact with nature. Parasitology experts revealed that this type of brain worm is common in a species of python native to Australia. The woman became infected after consuming herbs she had collected, which contained python feces. These feces harbored larvae of this parasite, which, for the first documented time, lodged and developed in her brain, where the worm lived for approximately two months.
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Dr. Senanayake, who is also an associate professor of medicine at the Australian National University (ANU), warns of the growth of new infections caused by human contact with animals and the invasion of their habitats. This phenomenon, related to human population expansion and intrusion into natural ecosystems, poses unexpected challenges and highlights the importance of harmonious coexistence with wildlife.
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