Things that you can do on your medical trip to Playa del Carmen

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Traveling to Playa del Carmen for the first time? Located in Quintana Roo state, on the Caribbean Sea, about 45 minutes south of Cancun and 45 minutes north of Tulum, Playa has something for everyone, a warm climate, Maya ruins, and beaches. Here are three things you can do during your visit to Playa del Carmen.
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Fifth Avenue - La Quinta Avenida
This street will wrap you in a picturesque pedestrian walk. Full of bars and restaurants, cafes, fashion boutiques, art galleries, jewellers, make it the perfect place to enjoy the culture that characterizes this incomparable destination in the Mexican Caribbean.

Chichen Itzá
Its name means “The city on the board of the Itzaes’s well ”. It´s an archaeological place, one of the world’s finest and most beautiful pyramids you’ll ever see. The whole backyard contrasts with the sea and mountains, this place is just fascinating.

The secret river - El rio secreto
This natural crystal museum is going to transport you to geological history across the earth. You will be amazed at the tranquility and calmness. The experience is complemented by rappelling and cycling activities where you can enjoy trails in the jungle, as well as traveling our Dry Route and arriving at the Peace Hall.
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As you embark on your medical tourism travels, don't forget to pack that stylish Sun Hat. Beyond enhancing your look, it serves as a crucial tool in safeguarding your skin from the sun's impact during extended outdoor activities.

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