Things to do over your medical trip to Puerto Vallarta

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Localized in Jalisco state, Puerto Vallarta is currently one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico, and it’s a great place to visit all year round. Its climate is semi-humid with occasional rain in summer. If you are planning to visit it for a medical consultation with a specialist, here are some places that you can visit. El Malecon: A popular long-walk street where you can find slopes that will give you access to the beach, but you must be careful, this part of the beach it’s not for swimming, it is perfect for taking sunlight and an emblematic place to look sunset. Enjoy entertainment with a lot of street artists and buy different things from vendors. Find it at the Historical Center of Puerto Vallarta.
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Playa de los Muertos: In English is translated as “Beach of the Dead”, the most enigmatic tourist attraction. If you ask people, you can find two different stories about this place and the meaning of the name. The first one is about the pirates who arrived to land on the beach, looting and causing problems for the residents. The legends talk about a battle of epic proportions that took place on this beach, leaving a high number of victims. It is said that this battle was so devastating that this name was adopted in memory of the fallen in combat. The second one suggests that some pirate ships buried their precious treasures in the sands of the beach. However, in search of one of those treasures forgotten by the ship’s captain, the sailors engaged in a deadly fight for wealth, leaving the beach covered with corpses.
Puerto Vallarta´s harbor: You will find a lot of places to practice snorkeling, scuba diving, boat riding and some other activities in the water. It´s important to consult with your specialist before starting any of these activities. Visit our website to find certified specialists , and check our store to find some suggestions on items for your next trip.
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