Top 3 charming places to visit in Puebla

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If you’re looking for an interesting experience while visiting Puebla, we have 3 recommendations of places you should not miss to visit. Located in the Mexican Valley, Puebla hosts a great mix of attractions that can make it an excellent destination for medical travelers. The first suggestion is for animal lovers, the Africam Safari. Yes, with an “m”. This destination offers an enjoyable adventure, allowing visitors to observe from a vehicle a diverse range of 3500 animals kept in naturalistic environments. The park's dedication to conservation and education gives the visitors a better experience, which makes it a must-visit.
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In the heart of Puebla is located Mercado el Parián (Spanish for Parián Market), which is the ideal place to find crafts and souvenirs in the area. In this vibrant market full of colorful stands and kind vendors you can find a wide range of crafts and artisanal goods to take home with you. If you want to try local cuisine, you will also find food stands selling all kinds of traditional food. If you really want to get the feeling of Puebla’s culture, exploring Mercado el Parián is a fascinating way to do that. As always, we recommend seeking advice from the doctor before walking for long periods or trying any foods there.
If your interest is history, architecture, or spirituality, you may enjoy giving a visit to Puebla’s Cathedral. This catholic sanctuary built in the 16th century possesses stunning architecture full of complex ornaments on its front. It stands in the center of the city as a witness to the city's historical and cultural significance, giving you a glimpse of the artistry and history that have defined Puebla for the last centuries. By visiting these 3 spots, you can really get the vibe of being in this state during your stay for medical tourism.
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