Top 3 insightful places to visit in Oaxaca

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Located in southern Mexico, Oaxaca is a city that offers way more than just modern, cutting edge healthcare facilities. Capital of the state of Oaxaca, this city has many fascinating places that you can visit to enjoy your experience during your medical visit. If you’re into history, the ancient Zapotec city of Monte Albán stands as a display to the region's long heritage. In this site, located on the top of a flattened mountain, large pyramids, tombs, and a ball court. You can also enjoy spectacular views of the Oaxaca Valley. Visiting Monte Albán is like going back in time.
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Another living relic of time you may visit on Oaxaca is the Árbol del Tule (Spanish for Tule tree), located in the small town of Santa María del Tule. This ancient cypress tree is recognized for its massive size. Its trunk holds the world record for being the widest, with a circumference of 118 ft. Estimated to be over 2,000 years old, the Árbol del Tule is a natural marvel that symbolizes strength and endurance to some. You may also wander around Santa María del Tule, the town in which it’s located.
If you want to keep learning about the history of Oaxaca, you may visit the Oaxaca Museum of the Cultures. Built in a beautiful former monastery, the museum regularly exhibits collections showing the long and interesting history of Oaxaca. You can find exhibitions showcasing pre-Columbian artifacts, colonial art and contemporary collections. Don’t forget to consult your medical specialist, just in case any of these activities could interfere with your medical treatment.
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