Top 3 places to visit in San Luis Potosí

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Blending both high-quality medical care and culture, San Luis Potosí is a great destination for medical tourism. If you’re traveling here for medical treatment, we have some suggestions for you. First, the Private Mezcal Route Tour, a must-visit for people who love spirits. This tour gives guests the opportunity to learn how this traditional drink is made. You can have a fun and enriching experience for your palate and get a glance into the process of making mezcal, and taste different varieties of it. However, don’t forget to contact a specialist for any restrictions about alcohol before or after treatment.
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Another spot of San Luis Potosí to visit is one of Mexico's biggest parks: Tangamanga Park. This lively park provides a calm environment, perfect to go before or after treatment. With amusing lakes and gardens, you can practice some yoga or go for a walk to relax and have a moment with yourself during your medical trip.
Lastly, the Plaza San Francisco. Surrounded by historical buildings, this plaza provides a look into the history and culture of San Luis Potosí. You can find some vendors all around to get a taste of what locals have to offer. Its soothing atmosphere makes it an ideal place for relaxing and have a fun time with your loved ones. Enhance your travel experience by visiting these three landmarks and don’t forget to talk with your doctor about any concerns that may appear during your trip.
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