Top 3 Destinations in Mexicali: Exploring Culture, History, and Nature

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While visiting Mexicali, you can find three crucial places that will make you understand why the city is equally cultural, historical and a place full of nature. First, we have The Curto Cinema Market, which is at the center of Mexicali. Housed in a magnificently restored theatre, it’s a great place for dining varying from local food & drink vendors to an upscale upstairs restaurant and an intimate wine bar. At the Curto Cinema Market, people can choose many things such as having delicious meals or having a drink with their friends.
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For deeper immersion into Mexican culture, one must visit the House of Culture of Mexicali. This iconic building dates back to 1974 and holds a special place among cultural institutions, offering various artistic and educational events in town. In there, visitors can find themselves in a cultural arts school, watch performances either in theater or amphitheater or just look at exhibitions in galleries. It is through the House of Culture that visitors can have access to the rich heritage associated with Mexicali.
Lovers of the great outdoors cannot miss a trip to the City Forest and Zoo, a stunning green space in the heart of Mexicali, opened in 1964 as a public park and zoo. From sports and games in the many grassy areas, to encounters with some of your favorite animals in the many enclosures, or visiting the entertaining and fascinating dinosaur area, the City Forest and Zoo has something for everyone. Whether you're seeking an attraction of cultural and historical significance, outdoor adventure or both, Mexicali's diversity of attractions ensures every traveler has a unique time in the city.
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