Visit Guadalajara for medical tourism, and explore Ajijic

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Being named a “Pueblo Mágico”, Ajijic is a beautiful city full of culture, history and great landmarks to see and visit if you’re there for a medical trip or a vacation. Here we share our favorite places to visit in the city. First, there’s the Malecon, a lively lakeside boardwalk. Here visitors can eat tasty traditional meals surrounded by a vibrant environment and enjoy the popular ice cream sold by street vendors.
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Next, we have Lake Chapala. This body of water is right next to the Malecon, making it a great combo for a great meal and a relaxing time after, enjoying the weather resting in a boat and participating in activities like fishing and birdwatching. Surrounded by some hills and mountains, Lake Chapala is perfect for photograph enthusiasts, the flora and fauna found all around the lake and its three small islands make perfect targets for photography.
Lastly, if you want to enjoy the city’s culture at its maximum, there’s no place like downtown Ajijic. With its cobblestone streets and colorful architecture, the downtown is great for those seeking farmer’s markets, local coffee shops, local pottery and artistry, music and spots like the kiosk where traditional bands play often to create an enriching environment for everyone visiting. Don’t hesitate and book a trip today!
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For more information, watch our video on Ajijic places to visit
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